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SGC provides a variety of antennas and cables to suit your installation needs.

SGC has a $25.00 min. order charge for all parts.
SG-303 Whip Antenna

The SG-303 is a lightweight and low cost mobile antenna system for operation. Antenna must be used with an antenna coupler such as the SG-230. Radiation is omnidirectional. To be used on vehicle or boat while in motion up to 60 miles per hour.

  • Frequency Range: 1.8-30MHz
  • Maximum Output Power: 500 watts PEP voice or CW
  • 9 ft. whip antenna, in two 50 inch sections
  • Can be used with any standard 3/8" x 24 threaded mount rated for adequate power. (Do not use a CB mount.) Purchase with SGC Ratchet Mount (Item 55-75) for best performance.


  • Delta Loop Antenna Kit

    Base station, mobile or emergency antenna, directional 3dB to 12dB, for frequency range of 1.8 to 60 MHz and for use with any coupler (similar to SG-230, SG-231, SG-239 or SG-237). Antenna loop wire is 80 feet (perimeter) and can be configured arranged in any loop configuration. Supplied with 5 insulators, installation rope and instructions. Ideal for use in areas of high industrial noise and restricted appartment locations. Noise rejection is accomplished by groundless configuration of the Delta Loop Antenna.

    SG-101 Dipole Antenna

    One frequency base station dipole antenna system, complete with 3 insulators, connector, and 50 ft. RG-58/U coaxial cable. Frequency must be specified. Supplied and tested on frequency specified; however, antenna will require fine adjustment in field at time of installation.

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    SG-103 Broadband Antenna

    The SG-103 is an exclusive SGC base station broadband dipole antenna system for 2-28 MHz operating range. The maximum power rating is 150 Watts CW. VSWR on all frequencies is better than 2 to 1. It's 90 ft. long for installation as a flat-top antenna, inverted 'V' or a sloper. Supplied with SO239 connector. (Coaxial feed cable is not supplied and must be ordered separately).

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    SG-105 Longwire Antenna

    The SG-105 is an Inverted "L" type, or longwire antenna system with 3 ground radials, suitable for operation from 1.6-30 MHz (with antenna coupler, SG-230 or similar). Antenna is 60 feet in length and includes 3 each 70' wire ground radials for optimum performance. Antenna is supplied installation ready including insulators, halyard lines and solderless lugs for field installation.

    SG-203 Telescoping Whip Antenna
    55-23 Call for current pricing

    28 foot overall marine whip antenna, consisting of heavy duty base (12 ft. long, 1-1/2 inch diameter), a 10 ft. mid-section (1 inch diameter) and a 75 inch fiberglass tip. Complete with a pair of bulkhead mounts. Does not include CA-1 type lead wire.

    Quantity: Mobile Swivel Ratchet Mount

    Swivel mount includes use with mobile antenna system.
  • 4-way stainless steel ratchet mount:
  • Heavy duty reinforced base spring
  • 3 ft. high voltage wire, one end terminated by a round lug
  • High voltage wall feed-thru bushing (hole = .890 inch)
  • 3 ft. 3/4 inch wide ground strap for coupler grounding

  • Coupler Control Cable (per foot)

    For use with SG-230/237 automatic antenna couplers. Cable includes RG58A/U coaxial cable and 4 stranded wire conductors. Custom Length Total outer diameter apx. .345 inches.

    High Voltage Wire: 14 AWG (per foot)

    GTO type high voltage antenna feed wire for connection between radio and whip antennas. Insulated 18 gauge conductor. (Per foot)

    SG-2000 Remote Head Cable (per foot)
    Cable consists of 5 individual 22 gauge wires, red, black, orange, yellow and blue respectively, to control or supply 13.6 VDC, ground, PTT, oven light, on/off switch. In addition, two shielded pairs of 22 gauge wire are supplied, one for Data Communication Control information and the second for Audio in and out. A separate ground drain wire is supplied for each pair. One main ground wire of 20 gauge is also supplied and connected to the braid shield of the cable. The cable is black in a PVC jacket, resistant to ultra violet. Outside diameter is .3 inch.
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    Coaxial Cable: RG-8 (per foot)

    RG-8A/U coaxial cable. Per foot.

    Coaxial Cable: RG-58 (per foot)

    Feeder cable for use with broadband antennas or coupler.
    Custom Length
  • RG-58A/U; 50 ohm
  • Maximum power recommended: 150 watts