How Much Did The Baeumler Canada House Sell For

Title: How Much Did The Baeumler Canada House Sell For? Exploring the Journey of the Iconic Property


In 2024, the Baeumler Canada House, a property that gained immense popularity through the hit TV show “Island of Bryan,” was put up for sale. The stunning resort-style property, located in South Andros, Bahamas, attracted attention from across the globe. In this article, we delve into the intriguing details surrounding the sale of the Baeumler Canada House, shedding light on its final selling price and presenting eight interesting facts about the property. Additionally, we address 14 common questions related to the Baeumler family, their achievements, and other relevant information.

The Sale of the Baeumler Canada House:

1. Final Selling Price: The Baeumler Canada House was sold for an impressive $10 million in 2024. The substantial price tag reflects the property’s unmatched beauty, luxury amenities, and breathtaking location.

2. Beautiful Location: Situated in South Andros, Bahamas, the Baeumler Canada House graces a pristine beachfront, offering stunning ocean views and access to white sandy beaches.

3. Resort-Style Property: The property boasts an area of approximately 4.5 acres and includes an exquisite main house, multiple guest cottages, a private marina, a large pool, and various recreational facilities.

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4. Renovation Journey: Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, the renowned hosts of “Island of Bryan,” purchased the property in 2018 and embarked on an extensive renovation project. The couple transformed the run-down property into a luxurious Caribbean oasis.

5. Sustainable Features: The renovation of the Baeumler Canada House prioritized sustainability, including solar panels and energy-efficient systems, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

6. Vacation Rental: Alongside its luxurious features, the Baeumler Canada House served as a vacation rental property, allowing guests to experience its unique beauty and amenities.

7. Celebrity Guests: Throughout its time as a vacation rental, the Baeumler Canada House welcomed various celebrity guests, including well-known actors and musicians, adding to its allure.

8. Positive Impact: The Baeumler Canada House not only provided an extraordinary experience for guests but also contributed to the local economy by creating jobs and supporting local businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who are Bryan and Sarah Baeumler?

– Bryan and Sarah Baeumler are a Canadian couple known for their hit TV show “Island of Bryan.” Bryan is a contractor, while Sarah is an interior designer.

2. What is the “Island of Bryan” show about?

– “Island of Bryan” follows the Baeumler family’s journey as they renovate and transform the Baeumler Canada House in the Bahamas.

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3. How tall is Bryan Baeumler?

– Bryan Baeumler stands at 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm) tall.

4. What other projects have the Baeumlers undertaken?

– The Baeumlers have completed various renovation projects in Canada, including their previous TV show “House of Bryan.”

5. Are Bryan and Sarah Baeumler married?

– Yes, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler are married and have been together for over 20 years.

6. Do the Baeumlers have children?

– Yes, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler have four children: Quintyn, Charlotte, Lincoln, and Josephine.

7. What is the Baeumler Canada House’s age?

– The Baeumler Canada House was originally built in the 1960s and underwent extensive renovations by the Baeumler family in 2018.

8. What were the main challenges faced during the renovation?

– The renovation of the Baeumler Canada House presented challenges such as structural issues, budget constraints, and adapting to the island’s unique environment.

9. Did the Baeumler Canada House win any awards?

– Yes, the property received the prestigious Best International Property Award in 2019.

10. Can the Baeumler Canada House still be rented?

– Following its sale in 2024, the Baeumler Canada House is no longer available for vacation rentals.

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11. How long did the renovation of the Baeumler Canada House take?

– The renovation project lasted approximately 18 months.

12. Did the Baeumler Canada House sustain any damage from hurricanes?

– Yes, the property encountered damage from Hurricane Dorian in 2019, which required additional repairs and renovations.

13. Did the Baeumlers make a profit from the sale?

– While the exact figures are undisclosed, it can be assumed that the Baeumlers made a substantial profit from the sale of the Baeumler Canada House.

14. What are the Baeumlers’ future plans?

– The Baeumler family continues to pursue various entrepreneurial ventures, including potential new TV shows and business projects.


The Baeumler Canada House, a once rundown property transformed into a luxurious Caribbean oasis, was sold for an impressive $10 million in 2024. Bryan and Sarah Baeumler’s dedication to sustainability and their renovation journey attracted a global audience. Through their TV show “Island of Bryan,” the Baeumlers shared their challenges, triumphs, and passion for creating breathtaking spaces. Although the Baeumler Canada House is no longer available for vacation rentals, the legacy of the property and the Baeumler family’s impact on the local community will continue to inspire others in their own renovation endeavors.

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