How Much Does Finn Wolfhard Weigh

Title: Finn Wolfhard: Unveiling the Talented Star’s Weight and 8 Fascinating Facts


Finn Wolfhard, the Canadian-born actor, and musician, has captured the hearts of millions with his remarkable performances and undeniable talent. Known for his roles in hit projects like “Stranger Things” and “It,” Wolfhard has become a household name in the entertainment industry. As fans continue to admire his skills and follow his career, questions arise about various aspects of his life, including his weight. In this article, we will explore Finn Wolfhard’s weight, along with eight intriguing facts about the young star.

1. Finn Wolfhard’s Weight:

As of 2024, Finn Wolfhard’s weight is estimated to be around 150 pounds (68 kilograms).

2. Finn Wolfhard’s Age:

Born on December 23, 2002, Finn Wolfhard will be 21 years old in 2024. Despite his young age, he has already achieved immense success in the industry.

3. Finn Wolfhard’s Height:

Standing at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (178 centimeters), Wolfhard possesses a lean and athletic build.

4. Finn Wolfhard’s Relationship Status:

As of 2024, Finn Wolfhard’s relationship status remains undisclosed. The private nature of his personal life keeps fans curious about his dating life, but it is essential to respect his privacy.

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5. Finn Wolfhard’s Early Career:

Before gaining widespread recognition, Finn Wolfhard began his acting journey by performing in local theater productions. His talent and dedication quickly caught the attention of casting directors, leading to his breakthrough roles.

6. Musical Pursuits:

Aside from acting, Wolfhard is an accomplished musician. He is the lead vocalist and guitarist for the indie-rock band, Calpurnia. The band gained popularity in the early 2020s, performing at various music festivals and releasing critically acclaimed songs.

7. Philanthropic Endeavors:

Finn Wolfhard actively engages in philanthropic work, leveraging his platform to support causes close to his heart. He has been involved in initiatives that focus on mental health awareness, children’s education, and environmental conservation.

8. Expanding Horizons:

With each passing year, Finn Wolfhard continues to broaden his range as an actor. In 2024, fans can expect to see him taking on challenging and diverse roles in both film and television, solidifying his status as a versatile performer.

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Common Questions and Answers:

1. Is Finn Wolfhard married?

As of 2024, Finn Wolfhard’s marital status is unknown as he keeps his personal life private.

2. Who is Finn Wolfhard dating?

Finn Wolfhard’s dating life is not publicly disclosed, respecting his privacy as a public figure.

3. How did Finn Wolfhard achieve fame?

Finn Wolfhard gained widespread fame through his breakout role as Mike Wheeler in the Netflix series “Stranger Things.”

4. What are Finn Wolfhard’s notable film projects?

Apart from “Stranger Things,” Finn Wolfhard has starred in the horror film “It” and its sequel “It Chapter Two.” He has also appeared in “The Goldfinch” and “The Turning.”

5. How did Finn Wolfhard’s band, Calpurnia, come to be?

Finn Wolfhard and his bandmates formed Calpurnia in 2017 after meeting at a music camp. They gained recognition for their indie-rock sound and released several successful singles.

6. What awards has Finn Wolfhard received?

Although not yet an award recipient, Finn Wolfhard has been nominated for several prestigious awards, including the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

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7. Does Finn Wolfhard have any siblings?

Yes, Finn Wolfhard has an older brother named Nick Wolfhard, who is also an actor.

8. What other interests does Finn Wolfhard have?

Apart from acting and music, Finn Wolfhard is an avid fan of skateboarding, photography, and vintage fashion.


Finn Wolfhard, a talented young actor and musician, has captivated audiences worldwide with his incredible performances. In 2024, at the age of 21, Wolfhard continues to rise in prominence. With an estimated weight of 150 pounds and a height of 5 feet 10 inches, he possesses a lean and athletic physique. Wolfhard’s dedication to his craft, combined with his philanthropic endeavors and musical pursuits, showcases his multi-faceted talent. While his personal life remains private, fans eagerly anticipate his future projects and the exciting roles he will undertake. Finn Wolfhard is undoubtedly a rising star who leaves an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

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