How Much Is And1 Worth

Title: The Rise and Value of AND1: 8 Interesting Facts and Common Questions Answered


In the ever-evolving world of sports apparel and footwear, AND1 has emerged as a prominent brand, capturing the hearts of basketball enthusiasts worldwide. With its unique streetball roots and innovative designs, AND1 has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. This article explores the worth of AND1 in 2024, shedding light on its fascinating journey and answering common questions about the brand.

1. AND1’s Journey:

AND1 was founded in 1993 by Seth Berger, Jay Gilbert, and Tom Austin, initially starting as a T-shirt company. The brand quickly pivoted to designing basketball shoes, capitalizing on the growing popularity of street basketball.

2. Streetball Roots:

AND1 gained significant recognition by sponsoring streetball tours, such as the AND1 Mixtape Tour, which showcased the skills of talented streetball players across the United States. This unique marketing strategy helped AND1 establish a strong connection with the urban basketball culture and captivated a loyal fan base.

3. Iconic Shoe Design:

One of AND1’s breakthrough moments was the release of the “Tai Chi” shoe in 2000. Worn by players like Vince Carter and Kevin Garnett, the Tai Chi became an instant hit due to its sleek design and superior performance, propelling AND1 into the mainstream basketball market.

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4. Expansion into Apparel:

Building on their success in the footwear industry, AND1 expanded its product line to include apparel. With a focus on performance and style, the brand’s clothing range became popular among athletes and streetwear enthusiasts alike.

5. Global Reach:

AND1’s popularity extended beyond the United States, making its mark on international markets. The brand’s success in countries like China, where basketball enjoys immense popularity, played a pivotal role in its global expansion.

6. Partnership with NBA:

AND1’s association with the National Basketball Association (NBA) further boosted its visibility. Collaborations with NBA players, such as Stephon Marbury and Jamal Crawford, helped cement AND1’s position as a reputable basketball brand.

7. Ownership Changes:

In 2005, AND1 was acquired by American Sporting Goods Corporation. Subsequently, in 2019, the brand was purchased by Sequential Brands Group, further accelerating its growth opportunities.

8. AND1’s Worth in 2024:

As of 2024, AND1’s estimated worth is approximately $225 million. The brand’s consistent innovation, strategic marketing, and international expansion have contributed to its remarkable value in the sports apparel industry.

Common Questions about AND1:

1. What is the age of AND1?

AND1 was founded in 1993, making it 31 years old in 2024.

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2. How tall is AND1?

AND1 represents a brand and not an individual, so there is no height associated with it.

3. What is the weight of AND1?

Similarly, as a brand, AND1 does not have a weight.

4. Who is AND1 dating or married to?

AND1 is not a person and, therefore, does not have a dating or marital status.

5. How has AND1 evolved since its inception?

AND1 started as a T-shirt company and transformed into a renowned basketball footwear and apparel brand, expanding its product offerings and gaining worldwide recognition.

6. What impact did the AND1 Mixtape Tour have on the brand?

The AND1 Mixtape Tour played a crucial role in establishing AND1’s identity by showcasing streetball culture and attracting a dedicated fan base.

7. Which AND1 shoe gained significant popularity?

The “Tai Chi” shoe, released in 2000, became an iconic design for AND1, leading to significant success and recognition.

8. How did AND1’s association with NBA players contribute to its growth?

Collaborations with NBA players like Stephon Marbury and Jamal Crawford enhanced AND1’s reputation and expanded its reach in the basketball community.

9. What is the international presence of AND1?

AND1 has successfully expanded its presence globally, with a strong foothold in countries like China, where basketball enjoys immense popularity.

10. Who currently owns AND1?

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As of 2024, Sequential Brands Group owns AND1.

11. Has AND1 faced any significant challenges?

Like any brand, AND1 has faced challenges along its journey, including competition from other sports apparel companies and evolving consumer preferences.

12. How has AND1 adapted to changing market trends?

AND1 has consistently strived for innovation, incorporating new technologies and designs to meet the evolving needs and preferences of consumers.

13. What are some notable collaborations AND1 has engaged in?

Apart from collaborations with NBA players, AND1 has also partnered with artists and brands such as Wiz Khalifa and Mitchell & Ness, expanding its reach to different demographics.

14. What can we expect from AND1 in the future?

With its rich history and commitment to innovation, AND1 is poised to continue its growth trajectory, introducing cutting-edge products and captivating basketball enthusiasts worldwide.


AND1’s journey from a T-shirt company to a global basketball brand has been marked by innovation, collaborations, and a strong connection with the streetball culture. As of 2024, AND1 is worth approximately $225 million, a testament to its enduring success. With its iconic shoe designs, international reach, and strategic partnerships, AND1 continues to thrive in the sports apparel industry, leaving an indelible impact on the basketball community and beyond.

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